EiTEX Management Team Visits EPTAINKS Socio Unico, Italy

EiTEX Management Team Visits EPTAINKS Socio Unico, Italy

 In year 2017 EPTAINKS representatives had attended the sixth International Conference on Cotton, Textile and Apparel Value Chain in Africa hosted by EiTEX and makes an initial collaboration. Depending on this initial agreement EPTAINKS provides different chemicals and laboratory equipments for textile printing and also gave the training to facilitate the learning and teaching process of EiTEX. After observing interesting activities of EiTEX in all aspects that is teaching and learning, research and community service, EPTAINKS decided to invite EiTEX management team to visit their company and work in further collaboration.

 Accordingly, EiTEX management teams including Scientific Director, Asst. Prof. Addisu Ferede and Information & Strategic Communication Director, Mr. Kilole Tesfaye were invited and sponsored to visit EPTAINKS Socio Unico S.P.A. from 10/04/2018 to 17/04/2018 and visited EPTAINKS and sister companies.

 During this visit the detail profile of EiTEX and opportunities of Textile and Garment sector in Ethiopia to encourage this big company to invest in Ethiopia and strongly collaborate with higher education was presented by Scientific Director and also EPTAINKS/EPTANOVA profile was presented to the EiTEX team and discussions on the presentation were taken place. The following days the visit followed by discussion of EPTAINKS production sites as well as sister's company called EPTAINKS Digital, EPTATECH and EPTACOAT which are a family of EPTANOVA were arranged.

Also the team visits and discuss with the partner organizations of EPTAINKS such as Insubria University, ITO (company that produces rollers and flat screen printing for textile companies), SERIGRAF Service (company that produces printing machine and also provide manual screen printing machine for EiTEX previously) and Como Silk Museum.  

The team also observes different technologies and got several machines specification for a model company to be built in EiTEX. For instance, SERIGRAF Service has agreed to offer printing machineries and accessories with about 50% discount for our institute. Also EPTAINKS/EPTANOVA agreed to sponsor the 7th International Conference on Textile and Apparel Value Chain in Africa (CTA-18) at platinum level. 

The visit was very successful as it increased the trust between the institutions to high level by further discussion and finally the two institutes signed MOU to work collaboratively on mutual benefits.