Technology Transfer

The technology transfer office  has conducted a profound technology need assessment pertaining to the micro and small enterprises in the textile and apparel sector. The assessment results reveal that there are chronic problems in the following major areas :

  1. technology (supply and completeness of technology packages)
  2. technical skill for the available technologies of raw materials and their diversity
  3. sustainable market for their products
  4. product development/diversification
  5. entrepreneurial skills and value addition (niche production)
  6. supply chain (and its related costs)

To solve problems that are pertinent to technology and skill of the actors in the sector, the technology transfer office has designed a project, namely: "Developing a symbiotic Micro and Small Enterprise model for Textile and Garment production" which has in it a complete description for model enterprise that encompasses ginning, spinning, winding, sizing, weaving, wet processing preparatory processes, dyeing, printing, garmenting and other finishing processes. there are also other supporting branches such as product development unit, natural dye production and application and marketing system. For most of the products to be produced in this model enterprise, big textile industries are presumably considered to supply yarn in different counts with negotiations that are purely commercial in nature. The project was presented to the forum called from different stakeholders mainly involved in the textile and garment manufacturing business in micro and small model on January 12, 2013 at 9:00am in iOTEX conference room. Very encouraging initiatives are taken by some stakeholders to carry on the project to completion in collaboration.