Being  the only academic institutions of its kind in the country, the Institute possesses a great deal of expertise in such areas such as textile technology, textile chemistry, apparel technology, textile management, quality management, marketing and merchandising. The management of the Institute believes that the integration of complementary areas of expertise facilitates the further development of its research competencies, and considers the formation of research groups to be an important mechanism for such integration.

 To this end, most of the research activities within the Institute are grouped into the following main research areas.

Textile production

Textile manufacturing technology, Spinning Technology, Weaving Technology, Knitting Technology, Non woven Technology, latest development in technology and design; textile design and development

Textile Finishing

Innovative textiles colouration, finishing and printing; colour evaluation and communication technology; nanotechnology in functional textile surface treatment; eco-friendly dyeing; and the evaluation and treatment of pollution. 

Apparel Product Development

Pattern Design technology, CAD/CAM in garment, 3D body scanning technology, sizing systems for clothing, clothing functional design, and apparel product development.

Apparel Production Technology

Apparel production technology and management; production management, Quality management, Supply chain management.