Institute Industry Linkage

The Institute Industry Linkage Office is responsible for:

  • To regularly visit companies to secure internship places for interns
  • To place students in industries and monitor their training
  • To establish a strong relationship between industries and the institute  for their common benefits
  • To setup and maintain mandatory Qualified Internship System ( QIS) database in EiTEX
  • To identify core problems of our industries and research areas through interns and mobilize EiTEX staff members to tackle the problems
  • To encourage industry people to play their part in producing qualified graduates
  • To give orientation to students and industry people on QIS semester regulations
  • To coordinate mentoring visits to industries
  • To organize students presentations at the end of QIS semester
  • To collect QIS feedback from students and companies and take remedial actions


AInternship experience provides employers with a student worker who already has some employability skills and occupational knowledge. It may provide a pool of technically trained employees from which to fill future positions and may reduce recruitment problems and costs.

In EiTEX, to participate in internship program students must at least complete their third year of engineering education. In addition students have to successfully pass holistic examination to qualify for internship program.

Participating organizations are required to be willing to complete the evaluation forms developed by EiTEX which are supposed to measure the progress and success of the student. School credit-outcome verification is awarded for successfully completed internships. Strong emphasis on coordination and integration between work site and classroom learning is necessary for optimum student learning. 

List of  companies  regularly collaborating to our internship programs.

  • Bahir Dar Textile Share Company
  • Nas foods Diredwa textile factory
  •  Awassa textile Share Company
  • Arba Minich Textile Share Company
  •  Etur Textile PLC
  •  ELSE Addis industrial development PLC
  • KK Priavte Limited company
  • Eltex Textile and Gramnet Factory PLC
  •  Feleke Garmnet PLC
  •  Saygin Dima Textile Share Company
  • Alem Gena Textile PLC
  •  BM Ethiopia Garmnet and Textile PLC
  • Yirgalem Addis Textile Factory PLC
  •  DESTA  Garment PLC
  • Ambassador Garment and Trading PLC
  •   Shine Textile Solution PLC
  • Jay Jay Textile PLC
  •  ASBM Industrial PLC
  •  MNS Manufaturing
  •   Kombolcacha Textile Share Company
  •   Almeda Textile PLC
  • Aleta land plastic bag factory
  •  Toto Garment  PLC
  •  Dong fang printing and dyeing
  •  Linde garment
  •  Nouya Textile Investment
  •  kanoria africa
  • DH GEDA  Blanket Factory
  • Firke Factory PLC
  • Debre Berhan Blanket Factory PLC
  • crown textile factory
  • Ediget Yarn sewing thread PLC
  • G7 weaving
  •  GG Super Grament PLC
  • Akaki Garment Share Company
  • Vestis Garment Production PLC